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Requirements to rent one of our properties



Thank you for your interest in our property.


To confirm it is £120 non refundable holding deposit. This ensures the property is reserved, removed from the market and allows us to prepare the necessary tenancy checks and paperwork. £100 is deducted from your first payment. If you have made a mistake in processing the payment, at the sole and absolute discretion of the committee, any refund will be minus charges incurred by us in receiving and processing your payment via the online store payment system.

Providing you have read and understood the information on the lettings process page you should not have an issue (1) being in employment or self employed (2) providing the necessary information (3) earning 2.5 times the rent (4) having a good credit history/score

If you proceed to pay the holding deposit you are certifying you comply and should your application fail for any of the said reasons then the holding deposit is none refundable as we have proceeded on the basis you satisfy the criteria.


Once you have made the payment you will receive a receipt at which point we will need the following information ASAP for each applicant including any guarantors emailed to




Current address

Forwarding address

Preferred move in date


The following details can be provided shortly thereafter:

Picture passport

NI Number

Copy of wage slip

A permanent address to be used for correspondence once you vacate


All parties will receive a link via email to complete the referencing process if necessary. You must complete the form in the link within 48 hours and if referencing reports are returned passed we send you a tenancy agreement to sign electronically. 


You will need to take our tenants content liability insurance which will cover you in the event of any damage being caused to the fixtures and fittings during your stay. You are free to use any suitable insurance provider, companies such as Rent4Sure who undertake the referencing process provide such cover


If you have any questions or require an update during the reservation process please contact Rent4Sure directly as we utilise their services to provide a report once they have completed their processes, we are not party to the compiling of the report.


If you plan on having a pet you need to let us know in advance:

Type of animal



Preferably a picture

Whether it will be unattended/caged during the day


If during your tenancy you wish to keep a pet you will need to request a pet consent form. Don’t worry we love our furry friends!


Please save our Nicholson Lettings Administration number, 07305 537881, as we communicate via WhatsApp business often and you will not receive vital updates if you the contact is not saved in your phone. The entire referencing process will be handled via WhatsApp messages for efficiency and to ensure all correspondence is not missed and in writing. Please do not call in but message and we will come back to you imminently.


Before you move in you pay the initial rental figure agreed and in addition to the rent you must also pay £50 key deposit and £50 mattress deposit (which is returned when you return the keys and property in good order) and provide evidence of standing order with your bank for future rental payments.


Please visit the letting process page for a fun animated video about the process. Please ensure to read this as it does set out the requirements of the referencing process. Please note you must earn 2.5 times the tent to qualify.


Please visit Why Rent from us page to understand the benefits of being a Nicholson Resident with a fun animated video.


We look forward to welcoming you as a Nicholson Resident.


Have you read our lettings process page to understand the criteria before you pay online?

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