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Fell in Love with a Property?

You have seen one of our properties online and want to make it your next home. Over 98% of our properties are reserved online without viewing which is becoming increasingly common after the COVID-19 Pandemic. If your chosen property meets your criteria we would strongly recommend reserving the property as they are often taken within an hour of being marketed. 

You decide you want to proceed and pay the necessary holding deposit to exclusively reserve the property during the referencing process so no one else can snap it up. This can be done via our online payment portal or via bank transfer (please ask for our bank details).

You will receive an email shortly after with a link to complete the online referencing forms. Thety are brief and quick to complete electronically. Providing you provide sufficient and correct information from the outset the results are often returned within 72 hours. Please note we as a company do not conduct the referencing process and if you have enquiries you should make them direct of the referencing company providing your name, application address and reference.

Why do we reference?

As you can imagine homes are a very expensive asset and our landlords, many of which have investors and funders, need to take all necessary steps to protect their assets, and one of these steps is to select the correct tenants who cannot only financial comply with their commitments under a tenancy but are courteous and will respect our property. The relationship of landlord and tenant is an important one and although contracts are legally binding a lot is reliant upon mutual trust and respect.


By referencing it gives our landlords peace of mind and the same for the tenant who can rest assure they are dealing with a professional company who cares about their residents. Putting a reliable and trustworthy tenant to the right property ensures they will enjoy living at our property and they will take care of it and pay the rent on time.


What is checked?


We use an external company to deal with the process which includes:

  • Proof of Identity – 2 forms will need to be provided and one must be photo ID.

  • Credit Check – this checks for any CCJs whether satisfied or outstanding and whether any Bankruptcy orders have been lodged against the applicant.

  • Verification of Income - if you take the monthly rent and multiply it by 2.5 this will give you the gross monthly income that you will need to earn to demonstrate that you can afford the monthly rent. if your income is less you may be required to provide a guarantor who must have a gross annual income of x 36.

  • Previous Landlord References – they will be asked to confirm no rent arrears or damage to the property.

  • Employment References – this will be to verify full time permanent employment, income and an assurance any employment is not likely to end in the near future. For example, zero hour or agency would not pass the requirements. If you are in a fixed term contract you would need to speak to us prior to reserving a property.

  • Right to Rent Checks – this is site of passport tot immigration documents.

If you do not meet this criteria please speak to us BEFORE looking to reserve a property.



What if I cannot afford the month’s rent in advance and a deposit?


Don’t worry we understand the financial strains of modern day living and most of our properties are offered with no deposit. Your first month's rent will be payable directly to your landlord.


What if I cannot pass these checks am I not eligible?


Don’t panic we are aware life isn’t plain sailing and we all have blips in our past. Don’t be shy be honest and upfront and we will always look for away to assist and provide accommodation. Often you can supply a guarantor, enter into a short term licence to occupy that renews on payment of a licence premium or pay several months’ rent in advance. If you cannot pass the Right to Rent Check it is unlawful for us to rent to you.

If you have employment issues, such as just started, or you have previous poor payment history and CCJs you MUST inform us in advance otherwise this will result in your application being rejected and the holding deposit being none refundable.


How long does it take?


Well that’s down to how quickly you fully complete the forms. Once you have paid the holding deposit you will receive the forms via email and once fully completed the entire process will take approximately 72 hours but may take slightly longer if there are issues or requests for further information.

What happens if I do not pass?

Providing you have read and understood the above information you should not have an issue (1) being in employment or self employed (2) providing the necessary information (3) earning 2.5 times the rent (4) having a good credit history/score.

The reservation fee/holding deposit is not refundable if you have provided false or misleading information (i.e. you don't comply with the said requirements), if you withdraw from the process or if we take all reasonable steps to enter into the tenancy and you do not.

What's next?

If you are successful we will then send out to you a contract via Adobe DocuSign. All parties sign the contract electronically and you are almost there to collecting the keys to your new home.

Is there nothing else I will need to provide?

Before collecting keys and seeing your amazing new home you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Default fee of £100.00 in lieu of lost keys;

  • Evidence that standing order for future rental payments to your landlord has been set up for the set calendar day of each month;

  • Sign a utility declaration to set up utilities in your name (if not bills inclusive);

  • Provide any vehicle information that you will be parking in and around the property in accordance with good estate management;

  • Payment of the first mont's rent to your landlord

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