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When our people come to work, they‘re here to provide a good service.


If you get in touch with us, the person at the other end of your call or email is a human; just like you.


We understand property can be frustrating and worrying. Everyone here is a bill or rent payer; just like you.


While they might not be in front of you, your words and actions can have real impacts. Treating people with kindness costs you nothing, but means everything to us.



That’s why we have a zero tolerance policy for:

  • Abusive and derogatory language

  • Sexual harassment

  • Threats of violence

  • Homophobia & racism 

  • Slanderous remarks

What is harassment?

This list isn't exhaustive but includes matters such as over exerting pressure for a response when it is evident the team member is doing all they can and require third party assistance, threats being made of any nature and negative remarks to a team member. they don't come to work to experience this type of pressure and stress and we must look after their mental wellbeing. Acting in such a manner is not ok.


If you don’t respect that, we can:

  1. Put you on hold or terminate your call

  2. Only communicate with you via writing

  3. Report serious threats to the police

  4. Start eviction or terminate your licence

If you have been sent this link by a team member, perhaps take sometime away from forms of communication to calm down and consider the issue at hand, the person you are talking with hasn't caused it, and is simply trying their best to help you and is probably the best route for you to have you issue resolved.

This is even more prevalent if you communication is out of hours/weekends and you are receiving responses from team members who aren't out of hours/emergencies. they are giving up their personal time to assist you.

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