On the rare occasion you believe our standard of service has fallen below that which you can reasonably expect we ask that you follow our complains process.


Before you can escalate your complaint to our Committee you must have exhausted all avenues as set out in our complaint policy:


This means you must have set out clearly and in full your initial complaint in writing to and given our Senior Property Manager reasonable time and means to reasonably resolve your complaint, this includes providing access to the property if necessary and all written communication between you and the team member.


Sometimes it is not viable or reasonable for the company to undertake what you are requesting to resolve matters to your satisfaction. If you believe our Senior Property Manager’s final decision is unfair and incorrect then in limited circumstances our Committee may review the decision as to whether the correct outcome was reached.


In order for our Committee to review the complaint and how it was dealt with you must email the following information to


1) Name

2) Contact Number

3) Email

4) Address

5) Basis of your Complaint

6) Desired Outcome you wished to achieve

7) A copy of the initial complaint raised to

8) Any responses received from Nicholson Lettings

9) The final decision reached by our Senior Property Manager


Our Committee will aim to respond to your complaint within 10 working days from the date of submission.