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Who is responsible for repairs?


We have an obligation to carry out repairs in a timely fashion and ensure it is fit to live in.


We must deal with an emergency within 24 hours, however we prioritise such threatening and dangerous events and deal with them promptly.


Generally we will be responsible for maintaining and repairing:

  • structure such as the roof and windows

  • doors

  • drains

  • gutters

  • baths/sinks/toilets

  • damp

  • exterior of the property (private gardens for residents to keep clean and tidy)

  • hot water installations

  • water supply

  • gas and electrics are in good and safe working order


Residents are usually responsible for

  • minor repairs,

  • decoration,

  • light bulbs,

  • mould,

  • garden areas,

  • replacing fuses,

  • damages caused by occupants (including family and visitors),

  • cleaning block sinks/baths


How do I report a repair?


None emergencies must be reported using our Fix Flo software which can be found at other maintenance section of the website.


The emergency numbers displayed on the website footer should be used in the case of emergencies, but this is strictly in the case of an emergency only.


What if I am not happy with how long my repair is taking or how it has been conducted?


If you are dissatisfied with the service you have received in the first instance or believe we haven’t completed the repair within a reasonable timescale you should discuss this with your property manager. If you are still not dissatisfied you should follow the complaints procedure set out on the website and set out your complaint to


In order for us to complete your repair to your satisfaction, we do need your co-operation with regard to access at reasonable times.


Can you access my property without consent?


We will always try and obtain your consent before we access your home. However in some instances, such as emergencies or utility supplies, we may need to access the property. If there are repairs that are required and we cannot agree access we may provide you with 24 hours notice of access to carry out the repair in the interests of protecting the property and neighbouring occupants. 


How should I make my regular payments?


We require each resident to make payments by standing order, which is an automated payment carried out by your bank each month which requires no action from you or us. This ensures the payment arrives with us promptly on the payment date and avoids the risk of someone forgetting to make the payment. This is in the best interest of all parties preventing chasing communication which sometimes can end in dispute. We are targeting to be a cashless company.


By the payment being made electronically it also provides you with an electronic receipt of each transaction.


I am coming to the end of my tenancy what should I do?


There are 2 options

  1. If you wish to remain in the property send an email to requesting a renewal contract, the team will review your file and if the tenancy has been conducted in a reasonable manner a new contract will be sent

  2. If you wish to vacate on your last rent payment you must provide one months notice to of your internet toon to vacate. During this one month period we may conduct viewings with interested parties wishing to rent the property.

What are my obligations when I leave?


Your are expected to leave the property in good condition, fair wear and tear excepted.


The furnishings provided should be in the same condition as when you entered into the contract and any decoration out back before you moved in (save where agreed by us) and the property cleaned to a high standard. Any silicone and grout needing attention should be made good and any light bulbs that are not working replaced.

On receipt of your notice to vacate you will receive an email setting out pre check out inspections where what is required from you will be agreed and then inspected prior to move out. Comprehensive guides will also be provided for you as to what is expected.

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